wildsmiles braces

WildSmiles are the fun alternative to conventional braces. Embrace expression and get wild!

Take your orthodontic braces from mild to wild with WildSmiles BracesĀ®! WildSmiles are specially designed orthodontic brackets that come in a variety of fun shapes including Stars, Hearts, Sports Balls, Footballs, Flowers and Super-DiamondsĀ®. Designed to make your orthodontic experience fun, WildSmiles are about offering a unique alternative to traditional braces.

Can I have more than one shape?

Absolutely! You are able to mix and match the shapes however your want. Express yourself!

Do WildSmiles feel the same as other braces?

WildSmiles are low profile stainless steel braces. They feel just like regular metal brackets.

How do they work and what makes them different?

WildSmiles braces work the same as traditional braces. The only thing that makes them different is that the part that attaches to your tooth is in a cool shape. WildSmiles are made to the highest government regulations and standards in strength, quality, and aesthetics.

Do WildSmiles work for everybody?

Absolutely! If you need braces then you can have WildSmiles. Since WildSmiles work the same as conventional treatment, there is no need to worry. Simply tell us during your consultation that you want WildSmiles.

Let's face it, kids are not always excited about getting braces. But with these new fun alternatives, you can give your child something to be excited about while achieving a perfect smile for life!


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