Make Braces Fun With WildSmiles Braces!

Wild Smiles Braces

Let's face it. As a parent, you want to give your child the best. And even though improving their smile is one of the best investments you will ever make, kids are not usually thrilled about the idea of braces.

I can tell you, that is not the case in our office. And new research has come out to prove why.

A recent independent study from the Ohio State University, published by the AJO-DO and cited in the most recent 5th edition of "Contemporary Orthodontics" shows an acceptance rate for WildSmiles braces of over 70 percent for patients between the ages of 9-11, making them the most popular option in this age group and ranked 25% higher than other alternative appliance options. For patients between 9-14 the acceptance was 44%, also making it the most popular appliance in this age group. (Star shaped WildSmiles braces pictured below)

wildsmiles braces

WildSmiles braces are specially designed orthodontic braces that come in a variety of fun shapes including Stars, Hearts, Soccer Balls, Baseballs, Volleyballs, Footballs, Flowers and Diamonds. Kids can mix and match them to create their own unique styles.

We have been offering these braces to all our young patients and they LOVE them! We even have a few young spirited adults that have chosen them!

Now, it was not an easy decision to offer these braces since they do cost more than traditional braces. But true to our higher standards, we made a commitment to offer these braces to our patients at no additional charge. We are always looking for the best and latest to offer our patients and are proud to see the response we have received.

Not to mention how thrilled parents are to see their kids be on board and excited about braces. 

We are proud that Drubi Orthodontics is one of only three offices that offer these braces in all of the Miami area.

Click here to see how you can mix and match these fun braces: