Clear Braces That Don't Stain! Introducing In-Ovation C Clear Braces

Did you know that 1 in 5 orthodontic patients is an adult?

There are many esthetic options available today to treat every problem in an esthetic way. Clear braces are braces made of a clear ceramic material that makes them much less noticeable. They work in the same way that metal braces work, but provide an esthetic alternative to adolescents and adults that wish to straighten their smiles without having to go through a "metal mouth" stage.

Up until recently, there was a major problem with clear braces. The problem was that the wire was held in place by a little rubber band that stains over time, and can start looking not so "clear" after a while (note how the rubber band has turned yellowish in the picture below)

Staining clear braces

The staining of the rubber band was a major problem. It went from being clear braces to dirty braces, especially for people that frequently drink coffee, tea or wine. And that was not the only problem. The rubber bands lose their strength and need to be changed about every 4 weeks, requiring you to come in once a month for adjustments, many of them unnecessary.

That was until In-Ovation C braces came out. The problem was solved by replacing the rubber band with a small gate that keeps the wire in place. (In-Ovation braces pictured below. They are also the ones worn by the woman in the picture above) This had a number of benefits. 

In-Ovation C Clear Braces

The first obvious one was that there is no more rubber band, so these braces don't stain. Patients are now able to eat and drink without fear of their braces staining. 

The second advantage is that there is no rubber band to change, thus appointments can usually be every 8-10 weeks, reducing the amount of school or work patients have to miss to come in for adjustments.

The third advantage is that the wire is not forcibly held against the braces. This reduces the amount of force placed on the teeth, making them more comfortable to wear.

The fourth advantage is that these braces don't have a rubber band that collects plaque, making them much more hygienic and easier to keep clean.

These clear braces are so good that they are the only ones we offer at our office. We believe in treating our patients the same way we would treat our family, and this would be my first choice for anyone who asks me which braces they should choose. So, if the fear of staining braces has kept you from improving your smile, now there is a new way to do it that is esthetic, efficient, and comfortable way!